Basic Managed Hosting Package

Basic Managed Hosting Plan
Service Price $325.00 Service Price

Service Description

This ‘Basic Managed Hosting Package” is perfect for those wishing to leave the server setup, pointing the domain, doing regular backups, and working out technical issues with support staff, to someone else.

We’ll be happy to quote any changes needed. Of course if it is a change of a phone number or some trivial change we’ll take care of it as a courtesy. Or, you can manage the content yourself, while we take care of the hosting. If you want an active website with more changes and services please see our ‘Small Business Hosting Plan’.

Buy your new domain from our ‘DIY’ site, or transfer your existing domain to it. We’ll handle the domain and website transfer process, after inspecting for any content hosting needs. Depending on the complexity of your website, its hosting needs, licenses which may need to be transferred, etc. the time needed to move your website will vary. But, the transfer can often be done without your site ever shutting down.
This package includes 1 year of:
  • Website Hosting
  • Unlimited Bandwidth and Storage
  • Malware Protection
  • Regular Backups of Website
  • Our Handling of Rare hardware issues with the host*
  • Free SSL otherwise web browsers won’t let your visitors in.
  • Moving To Us Is Painless!

Need some minor revisions? Take a look at our ‘Small Business Hosting’ package or our SEO services.

If you are concerned your site will not qualify for this package, please complete our ‘Website Hosting Needs‘ survey form. We’ll get back to you with a simple yes or no and, if you like, a quote for your site hosting if it does not.


      • Ask about SEO and SEM services to get your website found by your current and new customers!
      • Consider an SEO service to update your website on a regular ongoing basis. We’re happy to quote one time revisions too!
      • Site and e-mail servers hosted by GoDaddy® on LCG Internet Marketing.
      • We’ll use your other preferred hosting vendors too. But, the cost of hosting with other vendors is not included.
      • Linked (sub-domain, etc) websites which may appear as part of the website being managed are not included.
      • Hardware problem resolution does not include the cost of upgrades. As your website ages so do the hardware and software that make it work. When you decide to upgrade or are required to do so by obsolescence, or other changes required by factors beyond our control (damage from malware, repairing problems with blogs and other client and vendor-controlled systems, etc) the cost of those upgrades, repairs, and changes is billable.
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