Small Business ‘DesignBuildSEO’ Custom Designed Website Package

Design Build SEO
Service Price $3,450.00 Service Price

Service Description

Our “Small Business ‘DesignBuildSEO’ Custom Designed Website Package” is the perfect website starter solution for those serious about their website looking professional and getting found!

Get everything you need to get your website up and running and save $ as compared to “ala carte” pricing. This starter package for business includes up to 8 pages. You will work with us in a collaborative effort and the site is done only when you give final approval.

  • Custom Website Design
  • Mobile-Friendly Website Construction with:
    • Email submission form with “captcha”
    • hosted database
    • Privacy & Terms of service pages included
  • 1 Year of Website Hosting with:
    • Unlimited Bandwidth
    • Unlimited Website Storage
    • Domain Name
    • Daily Backups of site and database
    • Malware Protection
    • Uptime Monitoring Notifies Us & We Resolve The Problem
    • Regular Updates of Site Components*
  • 3 ‘Microsoft 365 Email Essential’ accounts using your domain name
  • SEO Setup
  • 90 days of Search Engine Submissions!
  • free minor revisions

We’ll start by having the web designer of your new website review your responses to our Web Designer’s Client Questionnaire and discuss your wishes and goals for your new website. We’ll discuss and consider design, content, and optimization requirements to achieve them and your intentions for your copy and media content materials.

Next, we’ll begin the design and submit it for your approval while SEO keywords and related information are researched and established starting with your responses to our SEO Manager’s Client Questionnaire. Also, once you approve the design for your new website, we will begin the construction phase of your website.

You’ll be able to watch our progress as we build your website on either your live domain or a development site and we’ll post a notice that your new site is being built on the live domain. As your new website is built it will be done with your ongoing input and feedback with the webmaster building your site.

The site SEO setup will be integrated with the construction of the site. But, the bulk of the work on SEO will begin after you approve completion of the initial website build. We’ll move the development site to the live site at any time before or after you have approved completion. Once you have approved the construction and completed any remaining payments, the SEO setup will begin and normally be completed in about 4 weeks. After which the included 90 days of regular (automated and manual) search engine submissions begin.

All SEO information is gathered on our own in house platform used to make the automated submissions and to track the manual submissions. We will tailor reports from the collected date which we will make available to you by email and which you can also get in real time by installing and using our PC based reporting system.

During the ongoing SEO process, we make changes to metadata and tagging system information as well as to your sites coding and content (normally minor to improve keyword/key-phrases) which will improve your websites performance. All based on the technical and analytical data collected and reported by Google, Bing, and other search engines and our in house technical tools and expertise.

Minor revisions are included to facilitate ongoing SEO efforts as your improved ranking and marketing focus requires. The result will be a professional internet presence which is easily found by those looking for your products and services on the internet.

Your website will become the hub for your internet presence as your business grows and you may want to add a blog. Or, set up an internet storefront. You may wish to build your sales, customer base, and brand recognition by establishing a quality internet presence and using an integrated CRM system. We’d love to discuss your plans with you. Call or chat with us NOW!

An ongoing effort to market your website with regular changes, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and an ongoing SEM (Search Engine Marketing) plan is suggested but not required. See our SEO & SEM services for additional information.

We only work with employees, vendors, and customers who seek the win/win scenario. Call us now, tell us you employ the same philosophy, and earn a 5% discount on your first purchase!

All designs include stock art from our inventory of photos. Non-inventory photos to be quoted as requested or provided by the customer. Customer to provide all photo and copy content which they are Responsible for.

All 3rd party licenses, fees, and charges other than basic hosting of the site and databases are the customer’s responsibility. 

Ask about SEO and SEM services to get your website found by your current and new customers!

      • Site and e-mail servers hosted by GoDaddy® on LCG Internet Marketing.
      • We’ll use your other preferred hosting vendors too. But, the cost of hosting with other vendors is not included.
      • Hardware problem resolution does not include the cost of upgrades. As your website ages so do the hardware and software that make it work. When you decide to upgrade or are required to do so by obsolescence, or other changes required by factors beyond our control (damage from malware, repairing problems with blogs and other client and vendor-controlled systems, etc) the cost of those upgrades, repairs, and changes is billable.

* As technology changes software and hardware updates and upgrades will be required. Current hosting gets regular updates to the primary components. However, when there is a large shift in technology requiring more significant changes, we work with our clients to find the most cost-effective solution to keep their websites working at peak efficiency and with a maximum positive impact on their businesses.

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