Website Construction

Service Price $750.00 Service Price

Service Description

This low-cost website construction service can be used to build your website from an original custom website design we’ve done for you separately (not included), as provided by you, or ‘on-the-fly’ by us from your input, your copy, and your content. This includes up to about 8 pages.

We can also build your website by modifying a template which you own the rights to or a make-over of your existing site. Of course, WordPress or other ‘free’ basic website frameworks can be used as well. Keep in mind that adding advanced features and capabilities like custom made graphics, custom media, making your site a storefront, a social site, or other similar advanced platform, can increase the cost of your project. Let us know if you expect to add services later so we can build the site to easily expand and consistent with your needs as you grow.

We will work closely with you to build your new website to your design, starting with the front page, on the internet. You’ll be able to see how your site will look while a web designer, dedicated to your project, works closely with you from start to finish.

The result will be a unique custom website made to your concept and complete when you approve it to go live. Let’s get started now!

This is the cost for construction of a basic website, which utilizes your current design, from content and copy which you provide. Hosting, email, management, any special apps, photos, videos, animation, flash movies, copy, mobile-friendly, etc which need to be created, would increase the cost and we will be happy to quote accordingly.
Responsibility for accuracy of content remain the customer’s.

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